About us

Since 2015, the topic of microdosing has been trending in all sorts of media and many people have experimented with it since. Our curiosity was sparked by the predominantly positive findings that users have reported over the years to scientist Dr. James Fadiman, who has been researching microdosing since 2010. We wanted to find out for ourselves if these ‘subperceptual’ doses could really be a game-changer, so we took the test and participated in the experiment, and also in Dr. Vince Polito’s first study.

Since then, we’ve delved even deeper into this phenomenon, resulting in Microdosing.nl – till date the most visited Dutch website and community platform on microdosing.

We find it important to approach all aspects of microdosing with a healthy dose of sobriety. Although it has many exciting benefits for many people, such as increased focus, flow, energy, and access to more creativity, it won’t be a miracle cure or a silver bullet. What is often overlooked is that microdosing offers an extra layer of awareness and presence to your day-to-day life. This allows you to take a fresh perspective on your habits, needs, lifestyle, relationships, emotional triggers, and responses.

Our Story

We are Hein and Jakobien, the founders of the Microdosing Institute. Growing up in the Netherlands, we became familiar with psychedelics in our early college years. This has led Hein on the path of personal exploration, guiding friends and relatives on psychedelic journeys, including his best friend who suffered from cluster headaches. Jakobien started her career working in sales and marketing for a fast-growing Dutch smart shop and has been joining plant medicine circles ever since. We have ever since been particularly interested in all the facets of these substances: their immediate effects in various dosages, their medicinal use and their ample possibilities that they provide for self-development.

As certified coaches, we are here to be your consultant or guide during your microdosing journey.

A New Perspective on Psychedelics

Psychedelics have been used by humans since ancient times for healing and understanding, in the form of plants, lianas, mushrooms, roots or seeds. These natural entheogens (literally: spirit plants) cannot be compared to the classic drugs (or medications) that have toxic, stimulating or calming and often also addictive properties.

Using a psychedelic enhances the connections between a number of brain areas. But what do these new connections bring about in our psyche? How can we as human beings make use of them? In the western world this is currently being researched at various universities and scientific institutes. But also in patient groups and by curious people who want to experiment with this on their own initiative. There is now ample anecdotal evidence to suggest that the tryptamines and other active substances in psychedelic drugs can truly help with overcoming depression, anxiety, PTSD and cluster headaches.

Together We Create the Future

These developments are still at an early stage. The scientific demonstration of the effects and chances of success of these new forms of therapy is a process of many years. Moreover, legislation is lagging far behind. It is time for widespread understanding and acceptance of the special effects of psychedelics. More research and knowledge transfer will ensure that the condemning label ‘drugs’ will no longer be stuck on these drugs, so that they can be considered as a medicine or therapeutic tool in the first place.

Microdosing and psychedelics should be a normal conversation topic, without prejudice or stigma. What helps is that people can meet each other live for an open conversation. And that need is there too. At every meetup, lecture or conference there is a valuable exchange between people. Not infrequently this leads to fruitful cooperation, mutual help, media articles, friendships and plans for the future – with us too! Since then, our motto has been: together we create the future!

Our Network

We are in close contact with organizations and people involved in scientific research on microdosing and psychedelics, such as researchers James Fadiman and Sophia Korb, Vince Polito, Kim Kuypers and team, Balasz Szigeti, Beckley Foundation founder Amanda Feilding and team, The Third Wave, the San Francisco Psychedelic Society. In the Netherlands, we work together with neuroscientists, psychologists, journalists, smartshops, the OPEN Foundation, the Synthesis Institute, the Guild of Guides, psychedelic student association APRA and the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands.

We see it as our mission to further map out the experiences with microdosing. In this way we can all continue to build bridges, whether it’s about knowledge, experience or guidance.

Join the Movement

You are invited to join this community and help others by sharing your microdosing experiences. Your tips, remarks and feedback about microdosing and the educational content are more than welcome. With your involvement we can continue to put even more pieces of the big microdosing puzzle in place.

See you soon!

Hein, Jakobien and the rest of Team Microdosing Institute

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