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About Us

Microdosing Institute is a global education, research, and community platform. We build vital connections in society and merge ancient wisdom with modern science to ensure the safe, conscious, and effective microdosing of psychedelics.

Psychedelics today

In recent years, there has been a phenomenal increase in interest, awareness and acceptance of the use of psychedelics. At renowned universities and knowledge institutions, more research is being conducted into the therapeutic effects and applications of psychedelics – in macrodoses, minidoses and microdoses. Patients worldwide are signing up for psychedelic therapy or sacred earth medicine ceremonies to overcome their trauma, release anxiety, and relieve depression. 

With a renewed transmission of ancestral wisdom, the global narrative of these substances is gradually transforming: from (harmful) drugs to transformative therapeutic tools that can significantly benefit humanity.

Microdosing Institute has taken an active role in that shift. We advocate for safe and responsible microdosing to those interested in mindfully exploring this transformative tool. Only then can it be effectively used to gain different perspectives on our health, lifestyles, and relationships.

Our mission

We advocate for mindful and conscious microdosing and aim to facilitate optimally effective microdosing processes. We do this by offering education, community support, group facilitation, 1:1 guidance, and by consulting on and facilitating scientific research.

In addition, through open conversations about (microdosing) psychedelics, we want to eliminate the surrounding stigma. This way, each insight, experience, and connection can become a building block in creating a healthy, balanced, and thriving society.

Our story

Microdosing Institute was founded in 2017 by Hein Pijnnaken and Jakobien van der Weijden. Our curiosity about microdosing was sparked by Dr. James Fadiman and his large collection of anecdotal reports filled with positive experiences of these “sub-perceptual” doses of psychedelics. We were astounded by the findings and quickly realized that microdosing can be much more than just a “hack” for more focus and creativity. 

Personal experimentation, alongside collecting experiences from pioneering microdosers across the world, has helped us gain insights into the wellbeing, healing and therapeutic benefits of microdosing. We discovered that these benefits multiply if the microdoser adopts a holistic approach. To understand more and promote scientific results, we have started to facilitate both academic and independent research into the effects of microdosing on mood, cognition, creativity, awe, ADHD/ADD, cluster headaches, migraines and depression.

Since the start of this platform (as Microdosing.nl) in 2017, we have been fortunate to work closely with Dr. James Fadiman as an advisor and friend. Since late 2020, we are operating internationally as Microdosing Institute. Alongside James Fadiman and the team at Microhuasca, we are the initiators of the International Microdosing Association—the first community platform for professionals in the microdosing space. 

Join the microdosing community!

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