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About us

Microdosing Institute is a global education, research, and community platform. We build vital connections in society to ensure safe, conscious, and effective microdosing of psychedelics. 

In recent years, there has been an increase in the awareness, acceptance, and scientific research into the effects and applications of microdosing psychedelics. Each day, more people can benefit from their healing and therapeutic effects.

We are still far from overcoming the — in our opinion unjust — stigma on psychedelics and conscious use. However, with a renewed transmission of ancient wisdom, the global narrative of these substances is gradually transforming: from (harmful) drugs to transformative therapeutic tools that can significantly benefit humanity. 

Still, even though thousands of people report a myriad of benefits from microdosing, we believe we should approach all aspects of this practice with a healthy dose of sobriety — microdosing is not a miracle cure or a silver bullet! 

Therefore, we advocate for safe and responsible microdosing to those interested in mindfully exploring this transformative tool. Only then can it be effectively used to gain different perspectives on our health, lifestyles, and relationships.

Our mission

Our mission is to advocate for mindful microdosing by offering education, community support, 1:1 guidance, and facilitating scientific research. In addition, through open conversations about (microdosing) psychedelics, we want to eliminate the surrounding stigma. This way, each insight, experience, and connection can become a building block in creating a healthy, balanced, and thriving society. 

Our Story

Hein Pijnnaken and Jakobien Van Der Weijden founded Microdosing Institute in 2017 in The Netherlands.  

Hein is a Transformational Coach, NLP Master (advanced), and microdosing educator. While growing up in The Netherlands — one of the most psychedelic-friendly countries in the world — he became familiar with psychedelics in his early college years and has used them as transformative tools ever since. He has over 30 years of experience guiding psychedelic sessions and has immersed himself — both theoretically and practically —in the topic of microdosing since 2016. He strongly believes microdosing is an incredible tool for self-development, especially in combination with effective coaching. 

Jakobien is a psychedelic guide, Holistic Coach, and microdosing educator. She has been in service of the psychedelic renaissance since 2003, thoroughly studying entheogenic plants and actively promoting psychedelic research. Due to her work at a Dutch smartshop and subsequently organizations such as OPEN Foundation, Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands and Synthesis Institute, she has built close relations with scientists, therapists, and knowledgeable facilitators across the planet. During her travels in Latin America in 2008, she started attending plant medicine ceremonies from different traditions and cultures and has used this experience to deepen her understanding of psychedelics and the human psyche. From there, it was a small step into the world of microdosing. 

Their curiosity about microdosing was sparked by Dr. James Fadiman and his anecdotal reports filled with positive experiences of these “sub-perceptual” doses of psychedelics. They were astounded by the findings and quickly realized that microdosing is much more than just a “hack” for more focus and creativity. Personal experimentation has helped them gain insights into the wellbeing, healing and therapeutic benefits of microdosing, and they have also begun independent investigations into the effects of microdosing on ADHD/ADD, cluster headaches, and depression. Over the course of these explorations, they have also been fortunate to work closely with Dr. James Fadiman as an advisor and friend.

Since then, they have gone into the depths of microdosing and started using their experience and knowledge to provide personalized microdosing coaching, intending to empower people to optimize their lives and wellbeing.  

Eventually, they assembled all their experience, knowledge, and wisdom and founded Microdosing Institute (previously Microdosing.nl). The platform now includes international conferences, a comprehensive video course, podcasts, and a vast network of organizations, coaches, therapists, and microdosers.  

Our partners

Connection, collaboration, and synergy have always been essential values of Microdosing Institute. As a result, we have built an extensive network with people, organizations, and universities in the psychedelic field throughout the year. Together we are on a quest to uncover answers to burning questions about microdosing. 

Who are the partners of Microdosing Institute? Go to our partner page to find the list of organizations and people with whom we collaborate. 

Alongside James Fadiman, Hein and Jakobien are the initiators of the International Microdosing Coaching Association. 

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