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Welcome to the Microdosing Institute

The Microdosing Institute is an information, education and community platform for anyone who’s interested in microdosing with psychedelics – consciously and responsibly.
As Europe’s first microdosing community, we’ve been collecting scientific findings and a vast amount of anecdotal data since 2017. 

How can we serve you? 

Information | Education | Community | 1:1 Coaching | Scientific research participation 

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Applications of microdosing

We educate and guide people in their search for support with ADHD, ADD, PMS, depressive symptoms and other mental challenges.
In our work, we share what we learn from our weekly conversations with psychedelic researchers, such as James Fadiman.
Microdosing is not a miracle drug, a brain enhancer or an energy booster. It is an intelligent tool. When used consciously, microdosing can support you on your path to more personal leadership:
  • Experiencing flow and focussed attention 
  • Getting the best out of yourself in terms of productivity, creativity, and relationships
  • Consciously changing your habits
  • Learning to better deal with emotions
  • Making better decisions, day after day
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+  Realistic, practical and evidence-based education

+  Lessons from our community of 4000+ microdosers

+  With the support of James Fadiman and other microdosing experts

+  Exclusive community circle for sharing and integration: Microdosing Tea Time


This platform contributes to a larger mission. Along with many experts, we believe it’s time to put psychedelics firmly on the map as a conscious tool with an enormous therapeutic potential.
Many people significantly improve their wellbeing with the assistance of a psychedelic, where other methods are not effective. 


Scientific research continues to play a crucial role and therefore, the Microdosing Institute is a sparring partner and contributor for microdosing research conducted by James Fadiman, Maastricht University, Imperial College London and Leiden University.

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This work is our contribution to helping society at large better understand psychedelics. We hope that all of those who can benefit from psychedelics through safe and responsible use, will have a chance to do so within a legal, stigma-free context. 
By using our services you automatically support this longstanding mission. 
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