Microdosing Institute is a global education, community, and research platform based in the Netherlands. Since 2017 we build vital connections in society and bring together ancestral wisdom with modern science to allow for safe, conscious, and effective microdosing with psychedelics.


Here at Microdosing Institute you’ll find everything you need to microdose safely, consciously, and effectively. We provide evidence-based education and guidance in various forms to foster the most transformative microdosing experiences.


Through our global microdosing community, we aim to provide accessible and honest microdosing education, foster healthy conversations about microdosing and psychedelics, and provide connection and high-quality support for those who need it.


Microdosing research enables us to better understand how, when, and by whom microdosing can be safely and effectively used. Here, we have gathered and summarized most scientific research publications on microdosing and its effects to date.

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Microdosing is more than a trend…

The practice of microdosing is most effective and sustainable when you commit to creating a mindful practice and developing a relationship with your microdosing medicine. In doing so, you will learn to recognize, trust and apply the medicine within you and start living a life that is heart-driven, empowered, interconnected, and authentically yours.

In our flagship 6-week Microdosing program, you’ll fully harness the potential of microdosing through community, deeply held support, as well as powerful tracking and integration tools. 

Besides being skilled in various modern coaching and therapeutic modalities, our diverse facilitation team embodies the ancestral ways of knowing and healing of the Mazatec people and European folk medicine, making this the most immersive and holistic microdosing program available anywhere. Merging the latest in microdosing research with ancestral wisdom, this program is the culimination of our relationship with leading researchers, Indigenous medicine folks, and our 60,000+ global community of microdosers.

Learn how to microdose

In this video course, you’ll learn:

  • How to safely and effectively microdose
  • Which substances, dosages, and protocols are optimal for you
  • How to get the most out of each microdosing cycle
  • The exact steps to get started
  • How to create a daily routine that helps you to fully step into your power!

With this course, you give yourself:

  • CLARITY—Avoid information overwhelm
  • EASE—Save time and money
  • CONNECTION—In-person contact and a supportive community
  • RELIEF—No longer stuck in the same patterns
  • MOTIVATION—Make beneficial changes
  • EMPOWERMENT—Live your highest potential

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Connecting you to the microdosing network

As Europe’s first microdosing community, we’ve been actively exploring microdosing, gathering scientific discoveries, and collecting a vast amount of anecdotal data since 2017. We have bundled all this information, knowledge, and experience on the Microdosing Institute platform. It’s our purpose to empower everybody to get the most out of each microdosing journey. Therefore, we offer guidance through our 6-Week Microdosing Immersion, online microdosing guide, and microdosing video course.

In addition, we like to extend a warm invitation to become part of our online Microdosing Institute community.

Join 6000+ microdosers, experts, and researchers from across the globe to exchange valuable experiences, profound insights, and thought-provoking ideas about microdosing and psychedelics in general. You may also participate in the ongoing scientific quest for more knowledge and a greater understanding of microdosing by becoming a citizen scientist.

Has microdosing impacted your life positively? Help support our mission to provide the best education and contribute to research and growth in the field  here.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, Microdosing Institute is here to connect you to the microdosing network! 


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