Microdosing Institute is a global education, community, and research platform. We build vital connections in society to ensure safe, conscious, and effective microdosing of psychedelics.


On the Microdosing Institute website you’ll find everything you need to know about microdosing. We provide various forms of education and guidance to ensure safe, conscious, and effective microdosing.


Through the microdosing community, we hope to provide accessible, high-quality, and evidence-based microdosing education, create healthy conversations around microdosing and support.


On our website, we collect all scientific research into microdosing and its effects that help us understand how, when, and by whom microdosing may be safely and effectively used. 

Your microdosing journey starts here!

As Europe’s first microdosing community, we’ve been exploring microdosing and collecting scientific findings and a vast amount of anecdotal data since 2017. You can access all this information, knowledge, and experience on the Microdosing Institute platform. It’s our purpose to empower everybody to get the most out of each microdosing journey. Therefore we offer guidance through our microdosing guide, microdosing video course, or 1:1 coaching sessions.

In addition, we want to warmheartedly invite you to become part of our Microdosing Institute community. Join 5000+ microdosers, experts, and researchers from across the globe and share experiences and valuable insights. Or take part in the ongoing scientific quest for more knowledge and greater understanding of microdosing by becoming a citizen scientist.

Learn How to Microdose

What you’ll learn:

  • How to safely microdose
  • What the short-term, as well as long-term effects are
  • Which substances, dosages, and protocols are optimal for you
  • How to get the most out of each microdosing cycle
  • How to get started with microdosing — step-by-step
  • How to create a daily routine that helps you step into your power

Why this course?

  • Avoid overwhelm
  • In-person contact + supportive community
  • Save time + money

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We offer 1:1 microdosing coaching

If you desire a personalized approach to learn how to microdose, you can get in touch with one of our microdosing coaches. The Microdosing Institute coaches are all certified, possess extensive knowledge, and have a lot of personal experience with microdosing.

During 1:1 microdosing coaching, you’ll explore what’s the best approach for you, learn how to maximize results by combine microdosing with other tools and practices, get the answers to all of your questions, and feel supported at every step of your microdosing journey. 

Looking for high-quality microdosing supplies?


As the first microdosing webshop in Europe, Microdose.nl combines extensive knowledge on microdosing substances with honest, trustworthy, and excellent service. That why we choose them to be the official partner of Microdosing Institute.

If you are ready to explore microdosing, head over to Microdose.nl to order (legal) microdosing substances, supplies, and toolkits. 

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